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Mandar Hill Temple, Bihar

Mythological Mandar Hill Temple, Bihar
Mythological Mandar Hill Temple, Bihar
Mandar Hill Temple is located on Mandar Hill, a holy place related to the salvation of 12th Teerthankar Vasupoojya Swami. This temple is also related to the three Kalyanka of Bhagawan Vasupoojya - Gyan, Tup and Moksha. At this place, Vasupoojya Swami accepted penance, gained the supernatural knowledge and finally found salvation. Mandar Hill is roughly 700 feet high located in Banka district, Bihar, widely famous for its mythological background. Mandar Hill is situated about 48 km from Bhagalpur and 3 km from Baunsi. Mandar Hill is the very same hill which was used for the Sagar Manthan and the marks of the snake around the hill used for mathan can be seen here.

Mandar Hill & Temple, Legends

The hill was used by the gods to churn the ocean to get hold of amrit; this process was called 'Amritmanthana'. Basukinaga the serpent served as the rope has left behind an impression of the coil which can be seen on this granite hill. It is believed that panchjanya a conch shell used in Mahabharata War was discovered here in the Sank Kund. Besides inscriptions and statues the numerous rock cut sculptures of this place portrays various Brahmanical images.

About Mandar Hill Temple

Mandar Hill temple has high pinnacles and a coral-colored idol of Lord Vasupoojya which is in cross-legged seating posture. Lord Vasupoojya attained Kevalgyan (supernatural knowledge) near the place of salvation at Mandar Hill. Pair of feet images which are about 3000 years old and three pairs of ancient feet images are installed here. Near the place of salvation, a beautiful cave temple is viewable with 5-feet-tall standing idol. At the salvation place on Mandar Hill, a grand Jain Mandar Hill Temple is erected.