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Popular Lakes in Bihar

Bihar is a sacred land, where there are routes of some of the biggest religions in India like Buddhism and Jainism. This is the land where Buddha attained enlightenment. The land with many religious beliefs, myths and legends is Bihar and all the basic natural elements like rivers, lakes and other natural bodies relate somewhere to these beliefs. Bihar lakes have a lot of significance over a lot of things; it bounds humans and also the surrounding eco-system. There are many beautiful Lakes in Bihar which attract numerous tourists for some reason or the other. At Bodhgaya in Bihar which is the centre of Buddhism around the globe, has a small but beautiful lake called the Muchalinda Lake. This lake is connected to the life of Lord Buddha and is celebrated place. Lake Kanwar in Bihar is another popular site, offering great tourism opportunities. Lake Kanwar also have a bird sanctuary which is a popular birding site in Bihar.
Kanwar Lake is one of the important natural fresh water lakes in Bihar, India. The Kanwar Lake is located about 22 km north from Begusarai town of Central Bihar. The Kanwar Lake is surrounded by the river Burigandak in the west and south, the N.E. Railway line from Samastipur to Khagaria in the north and east. With a unique bracelet type oxbow design the lake has high curvature and circular bend ended into two hook-like connection towards the river Burigandak.

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Kanwar Lake, Bihar
Muchalinda Lake is situated in the religious town Bodhgaya, which is one of the most venerated and holy site for Buddha worshipers from all over the world. In Bodhgaya, Prince Siddhartha Gautama sat beneath a bodhi tree and attained enlightenment. Muchalinda Lake is the exact place where Buddha was meditating in the sixth week of his meditation. During his meditation process a severe thunder storm occurred and Buddha was being disturbed in his meditation because of the strong storm.

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Muchalinda Lake, Bodhgaya