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Historical Monuments and Sites in Bihar

It's a fact that the history of Bihar is as old as civilization itself which is associated with myths and legends of Hinduism, making it an ancient land of numerous rituals, cultural beliefs and diversities. The present day popular attractions in Bihar are basically the historical sites and monuments, speaking about the then Bihar. The ruins of ancient monuments in Bihar still exist in the form of forts, caves and tombs. These Bihar historical monuments are just ruins, displaying Bihar's history of 3000 years which is considered as the oldest dwelling places in the world.

Bihar historical monuments and famous sites are further classified into the basis of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Islam. Bihar has numerous religious monuments, which are located in this state that remind one of the old proverb, "Unity in Diversity". The Bihar monuments are situated in the famous cities like Patna, Bhagalpur, Gaya, Vaishali and Sasaram. These ancient Bihar sites represent the culture, power and education of the long-gone eras and can be classified as historical monuments and religious monuments. Some of the popular Bihar historical monuments with archeological significance are Vikramshila and Maner.
Maner is a large village in Bihar displaying popular historical antiquities. This popular historical town in Bihar is basically an Islamic pilgrimage place called Maner Sharif. Maner lies in the extreme north west of Danapur Sub-division, about 25 kms west of Patna on Patna-Arrah Highway in Bihar. Formerly, Maner was located on the meeting point of the Ganga and the Son Rivers and during the Mauryan rule this small town was the western gate of Patliputra, now called as Patna.

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Maner Sharif, Bihar
Visit of Bhagalpur is incomplete without visiting Vikramshila. Vikramshila University was founded in the latter part of the eight century A.D by King Dharmapala, in the 8th century. The Buddhist University of Vikramshila is located at the famous Patharghat Hill on the right bank of the Ganga, about 38 kilometers to the southeast of Bhagalpur.

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Ruins of Vikramshila University, Bhagalpur