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Historical and Religious Hills in Bihar

Hills in Bihar speak a lot about the history, religion and culture of the state. Bihar state provides a unique opportunity for its visitors and for the foreign tourists to study and analyze the then caves, paintings, sculptures, rock-cut carvings and many other antique carvings done in and around the hills in Bihar. One will find rock paintings in few of the Bihar hills. With study of these rock paintings one can visualize the pre-historical lifestyle of the people and know a lot about the civilization and culture of these people. In the Bihar hills there are many caves which have beautiful rock-cut carved temples in it. The discovery of these paintings is some of the best archeological findings in Bihar which have helped in a large extent to know more about this state. All these ancient articraft material hidden beneath the Bihar Hills are also an added attraction to the state, which in return flourishes Bihar tourism to a large extent.
Netarhat is a famous tourist destination in Bihar, surrounded with beautiful hills covered with lush forest and stunning waterfalls. Netarhat in Bihar is located 156 kms from Ranchi is set at an elevation of about 3700 feet, is popularly known as the "Queen of Chotanagpur". The popular Netarhat is basically a hill range, which has derived its name from Heart and Nature, offers tourists a spectacular view of sunrise and sunset from the hilltop.

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Netarhat Hills in Bihar
The Barabar Hills holds a great historical and religious significance to Bihar. Barabar Hills are located to the north of Gaya, Bihar at a distance of about 20-25 kms. The historical importance of Barabar Hills is because it has four rock cut ancient caves beneath it. The Barabar Hills are well known for their rock cut temples, which dates back to 200 B.C. These caves were constructed during the regime of Great Emperor Ashoka for the Ajivika sages of the then era.

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Historical Barabar Hills, Bihar