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Golghar - Popular Ancient Granary in Bihar

Massive Granary in Bihar, The Golghar
Massive Granary in Bihar, The Golghar
Golghar means the 'Round House' is basically a massive granary in the Indian State of Bihar. The Golghar was built with straight orders from Warren Hastings who was then, the Governor General of India. Golghar is located to the west of the Gandhi Maidan in Patna, the capital of Bihar. An engineer of the East India Company, Captain John Garstin, visualized its structure and built the Golghar in Bihar which has a storage capacity of 140000 tons.

The construction of Golghar was completed on 20 July 1786. In the year 1770 most of the regions of Bengal, Bihar and modern day Bangladesh in India were affected from the devastating famine, which killed nearly 10 million people. Golghar was constructed in Bihar especially for the British army, to encounter the food shortage. This massive granary was built to solve the food storage problem of Bihar.

Architecture of Golghar

John Garstin constructed the Golghar in the native Stupa architecture and this building has a foundation of 125m and a height of 29m. During its construction, Golghar was the tallest building in Patna. The amazing structure of Golghar is pillarless and the thickness of the walls is of 3.6m at its base.

There are spiral stairways in the outer portion of the building which has 145 steps. The spiral staircase was so designed that it facilitated the passage of the coolies, who had to carry grain-bags up one flight and then deliver their load through a hole at the top, and slide down through the other set of stairs of the building.

Facts about Golghar

Golghar was never in its existence has been filled to its maximum capacity, the major reason for this was the mistake done during its designing and construction. Its main drawback was, its doors were designed to open from inside, thus, if it is filled to its maximum capacity, then the doors will not open.

The Golghar presents a wonderful panoramic view of the city and the Ganges flowing nearby, inspite of having errors in its construction.