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A Guide to Cities of Bihar

The name Bihar, means the Buddhist Monastery, which was home for the great Mauryan Emperors, Gupta Dynasty, Magadha Dynasty and the Muslim rulers. Bihar is considered most dignified on the map of Buddhist tourist circuit in India, where Lord Buddha attained spiritual enlightenment on this land and preached love, peace and tolerance. Bihar city tours offer tourist an excellent scope of understanding the cultural heritage and background of Bihar and also know about the crude beauty of this land. There are various cities of Bihar that offer vacationer’s rich history and a glimpse of Bihar's civilization and culture, which precisely speaks about India. Bihar cities, which form an important part of Bihar tourism, are Patna, Rajgir, Vaishali, Nalanda, Bodh and Gaya.
Patna is the capital city of Bihar and its name is derived from Patan which is Hindu Goddess Patan Devi. This is the second largest city of eastern India and is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world. Patna is a beautiful city situated on the banks of holy River Ganga. Patna is an ancient historic city and its history dates back to 493 BC. It was the capital of the Magadha Empire and was ruled and conferred as the capital city of the Mauryan Empire.

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Beautiful Patna Skyline
Bhagalpur is a popular city in Bihar state of India, located on the banks of holy River Ganga. Also referred to as "Bhagdattpuram", in ancient times Bhagalpur is mentioned in the epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana as well. 'The City of Good luck', Bhagalpur is situated 220km east of state capital Patna. Bhagalpur was an important part of Angha kingdom and later was merged with the Magadha Empire, also conquered by gaur kingdom, later Mughal emperor Akbar, acquired it. With the establishment of British colonial rule, Bhagalpur became part of East India Company.

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Bhagalpur Railway Station