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Buddhist Stupa in Kesariya, Bihar

Largest Buddhist Stupa in Kesariya, Bihar
Largest Buddhist Stupa in Kesariya, Bihar
Kesariya is a small city situated in the east Champaran district in Bihar which serves as a place of the largest Buddhist stupa in the world. Kesariya has a rich heritage of the Buddhist architecture of the ancient times, is located 110 km from Patna the capital city of Bihar. The most important and largest Buddhist Stupa in the world, the Kesariya Buddhist Stupa in Bihar, was excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1998 and is believed to have been discovered somewhere around 200 AD to 750 AD.

The amazing stupa serves as a marvelous example of Buddhist architecture and archaeological preservation in Bihar. The Kesariya Stupa holds the distinction of being the largest in the world, which is standing at a huge height of 104 ft and a circumference of almost 1400 ft. It is believed that this Buddhist Stupa was built by the Lichhivis as a memorial of the end-life of Lord Buddha. This is a six floor structure which stands as reminder to the last days of the Lord Buddha and his humanitarian approach towards people, independent of caste and creed.

The excavations of the Buddhist Stupa of Kesariya in Bihar discovered some remarkable findings, like Islamic coins, arrow heads, copper and terracotta items, earthen lamps, decorated bricks etc. one will also find numerous images of Lord Buddha images here, some with the sitting postures and especially one image of Buddha with "Bhoomi Sparsh Mudra".