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Bhagalpur Travel Destinations

Bhagalpur Railway Station
Bhagalpur Railway Station

Bhagalpur is a popular city in Bihar state of India, located on the banks of holy River Ganga. Also referred to as "Bhagdattpuram", in ancient times Bhagalpur is mentioned in the epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana as well. 'The City of Good luck', Bhagalpur is situated 220km east of state capital Patna.

Bhagalpur was an important part of Angha kingdom and later was merged with the Magadha Empire, also conquered by gaur kingdom, later Mughal emperor Akbar, acquired it. With the establishment of British colonial rule, Bhagalpur became part of East India Company. Well known as the 'Silk City' of India for its highest quality product Tussar Silk, Bhagalpur is famous worldwide for its sericulture and agriculture industries. A number of families have been into this business from centuries. Bhagalpur's ideal location over the productive plains of Ganga has bestowed it with several crops like wheat, rice, barley, mango and many others. The city is also having a Silk Institute and an Agricultural college.

Major Attractions in Bhagalpur

  • Bhagalpuri Silk products
  • Jain Temple, Champagnagar
  • Kuppa Ghat or Mehi Ashram
  • Shiva Temple at Budanath
  • The Royal University of Vikramsila

Best Season to Visit Bhagalpur
From September to March

Visit of Bhagalpur is incomplete without visiting Vikramshila. Vikramshila University was founded in the latter part of the eight century A.D by King Dharmapala, in the 8th century. The Buddhist University of Vikramshila is located at the famous Patharghat Hill on the right bank of the Ganga, about 38 kilometers to the southeast of Bhagalpur.

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Ruins of Vikramshila University, Bhagalpur
The rock-cut sculpture is an art which is more similar to sculpture than architecture, as structures by the artists were produced by cutting out solid rocks. Rock-cut architecture is widely found in India in the ancient temples or caves. Some well-known rock-cut structures of ancient India are Chaityas, Viharas, temples etc. Rock-cut architecture occupies a very important place in the history of Indian state Bihar.

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Rock-Cut Sculpture Temples, Bhagalpur