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Aranya Devi Temple, Bihar

Entrance of the Aranya Devi Temple
Entrance of the Aranya Devi Temple
Aranya Devi Temple is dedicated to the goddess Aranya Devi, known as the goddess of the forest. Aranya Devi is the goddess of Sakama-bhakti and fulfills whatever desires are expressed by the devotees. One can visit the beautiful Aranya Devi Temple which is situated in Arrah. Arrah is the headquarters of the Shahabad district in Bihar and is located at a distance of 36 miles from capital city Patna in Bihar. From Arrah railway station the Aranya Devi temple is just 3.2 kms away and can be reached by rickshaws or by horse-drawn chariots.

Aranya Devi Temple

The Aranya Devi Temple in Bihar is reconstructed in modern architecture with the marble and mosaic works beautifying the temple. Temple has a round dome and faces to the east, with two verandas at the entrance which are to the west and the north. There are three bells in the west veranda, with a Shiva linga, a well, and a charity box accompanying it.

There is a space of about 3 feet by 3 feet for the priest to the west of the entrance. The throne of two Aranya Devi is in the standing pose located to the west of the temple and is roughly 10 feet high. There are two statues made of black stone of two and three feet respectively. These statues are dressed yellow sari and adorned with flower garlands and mukuts on their heads. On the left side of Aranya Devi, there are marble statues of Radha, Krishna Ram, Lakshmana, Bharata, Satrughna and Sita.

Aranya Devi Temple Rituals

Bathing of the deity statue is done twice daily, followed by prasad offerings. Hymns by the priest are recited which are accompanied with drums, ringing of bells, and arati.