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Agam Kuan - The Mysterious Well

Eight Arched Windows of Agam Kuan, Bihar
Eight Arched Windows of Agam Kuan, Bihar
Agam Kuan means "unfathomable well" is said to date back to the period of Maurya Emperor Ashoka, the great. This ancient well is said to be constructed by Ashoka the great emperor which was a part of a large well known hall. This well is considered promising as its waters possess miraculous powers. Agam Kuan is located to the east of Patna, Bihar State, India. Positioned in the eastern edge of the capital city, Patna, Agam Kuan is conveniently approachable. Truly an exciting tourist destination Agam Kuan attracts a good number of crowds as it is a glorious archaeological site as well as a favorite destination for restless holiday makers.

Features of Agam Kuan

Agam Kuan in Bihar is a circular shaped well, measuring a incredible 20 feet and 2 inches in diameter and 105 feet deep. The shape of Agam Kuan is one of its most fascinating features. It is also intricately ornamented in bricks which extend across half of its entire length. The highlight of the well is the structure of arched windows numbering eight which covers the well surface area.

Agam Kuan, Legends

A legend says that emperor Ashoka after ruthlessly killing all his siblings cast their heads into the seemingly bottomless well, Agam Kuan. Another legend associated with the Agam Kuan is the mystifying treasures that are carefully implanted deep into the heart of the mysterious Agam Kuan.

Another most important and recognizable tourist place near Agam Kuan located at a close proximity is Shitala Devi Temple.