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Travelling Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Beautiful Ziro, Home to Apatani Tribes, Arunachal Pradesh
Beautiful Ziro, Home to Apatani Tribes,
Arunachal Pradesh
Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh is a small picturesque town located at an altitude of about 5754 ft from the sea level. Covered with pine and bamboo groves, and low slopping hills, Ziro is also called as Apatani Plateau and home to the Apatani tribals. The scenic town of Ziro is 200 kms from Itanagar, delighting the tourists with its dazzling landscapes and tribal culture. This town has developed in two major parts within 5km distance. From the Apatani Plateau 1,750 meters high is the Hapoli or Old Ziro and 200 meters downwards is the New Ziro Town.

Apatani Tribes, Ziro

The Apatanis of Ziro, are one of the most advanced and fascinating tribals in Arunachal. Both men and women of this tribe tattoo themselves with women applying nose plugs made of bamboo. Apatanis grow rice by terrace farming methods. Women are skilled in making Jikhe pattern, woven jackets and intricately patterned Jilang shawls and the men are skilled in various bamboo arts and metallurgy.

Ziro Tourist Attractions

  • Tarin Fish Farm (a high altitude fish farm)
  • Pine and Bamboo groves
  • Indigenous method of rice cultivation
  • Craft centre

Best Time to Visit Ziro

April to November
Arunachal Pradesh with its extensive geographical diversity and equivalent climatic conditions provide a wide variety of wildlife, flora and fauna. In fact, Arunachal is the only state in India, providing wildlife enthusiast excellent sightseeing of four major varieties of the big cats, including tiger, leopard, clouded leopard and snow leopard. This rich wildlife statistics and vegetation can also be seen and explored in the Talley Wild Life Sanctuary of Ziro town in Arunachal, India. The Talley Wild Life Sanctuary covers a total area of 337 Sq-km and Talle Reserve Forest is spread across an area of 515.875 Sq-km.

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Talley Wildlife Sanctuary, Ziro
The Apatanis practice the paddy-cum-fish cultivation or farming in an area of 200 kms in Kamala Valley, Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. The Tarin Fish Farm is one of the best sites in Ziro where this particular type of farming is practiced. The Tarin Fish Farm is situated at a high altitude gradually covered with pine and bamboo groves in the Bulla village of Apatani tribes.

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Apatani Rice-Fish Farming, Ziro