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Khan Festival, Blend of Culture and Heritage

Traditionally Dressed Tribes at Khan Festival
Traditionally Dressed Tribes at Khan Festival
Fairs and festivals are a fundamental part of the socio-cultural life of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. Most of festivals in Arunachal Pradesh are connected with agriculture, as it is the main occupation of the people of Arunachal. Such festivals are celebrated at a larger sale for thanking the Gods for their providence and offering prayers for plentiful crop. Each Arunachal Pradesh tribe celebrates its own festival throughout the year. The native tribes of Arunachal have high spirits which is reflected in their enthusiasm for celebrating each and every occasion with full fun and frolic.

Khan - Miji Festival Rituals

Khan Festival is mainly a Miji festival of Arunachal Pradesh. Miji is basically a local tribe which celebrates this festival. The significance of the festival lies in the ceremony where the priest ties a piece of wool around everybody's neck. The belief is that the enchanted thread will bring good luck and save each one of them from evil powers.

The popular Khan Festival of Arunachal Pradesh has a specialty where people of different background come and celebrate the festival which shows a wonderful blend of culture and heritage. For Miji communities, Khan Festival is an occasion to bring all people together who might otherwise be scattered in far flung villages. The men, women and children are dressed in colorful attire during religious Khan Festival. Devotees sing, dance and play loud music to celebrate this festival once in a year. Animal sacrifices are a common ritual in this festival.