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Along Hill Station in Arunachal Pradesh

Scenic Along Hill Station, Arunachal Pradesh
Scenic Along Hill Station, Arunachal Pradesh (Credit.2405126905)
Along now known as Aalo, is basically the headquarters and one of the oldest towns of West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Located at an altitude of 300 m Along, is a small town with beautiful village and a nice hill station with pleasant weather. This hill station is most ideal place to spend the hot summer seasons. The picturesque surroundings and beautiful plantations make Along one of the most perfect health resorts of India. Widely visited tourist destinations at Along are the Mithun and Jersey Cross Breeding Farm at Kamaki 25 kms away from Along.

Along Tribal Circuit

Along is inhabited by tribes like Adi (Gallong) tribes and Adi has other sub-tribes including Adi (Gallong, Minyong, Pasi, Padam, Bori, and Bokar). Tourists can take a tour to Jirdin, Kabu, Kaying villages, this will make understand the cultures of the people of Along.

Adventure Sports

The hill station offers a captivating view of the valleys below and is ideally located at a place where the Sipu River merges with the Siyom River. These waters provide excellent adventurous and thrilling watersports like river rafting and other sports like fishing, trekking and hiking can be enjoyed at Along.

Tourist Attractions

Attractions at Along include Kamki Hydropower Dam, Orange orchards, Ramakrishna mission campus, Patum Bridge, Darka village and river rafting at Siyom River.


Staying options in Along in Arunachal Pradesh is available at Circuit House and Inspection Bungalow. The town also has some well furnished hotels in Along.