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Things To Do in Warangal

Warangal, Andhra Pradesh
Warangal, Andhra Pradesh
The historical city of Warangal was once the capital of the vast Kakatiya Dynasty from 12th till 14th century. It is the fifth largest city in Andhra Pradesh and is developing as an important industrial and cultural center of the state. The city was established by the great Kakatiyan King Prola in the 12th century. The grand monuments, ancient structures, architectural wonders like the Warangal Fort and the beautifully carved Shiva temple are live examples of the cultural brilliance and rich historical past of the city. The economy of the city largely depends on agriculture with rice, red chilies, cotton and tobacco being the main crop. Top tourist attractions in Warangal include wonderful monuments, grand temples, splendid gardens, scenic lakes and wildlife sanctuaries.
Eturnagaram Sanctuary, regarded as one of the oldest sanctuaries of India is located in the Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh. It lies about 250 km from Hyderabad and encompasses a rambling area of 806 sq. km. The area of the sanctuary features rising and falling land surface and on some parts is covered with hills. The thick cover of natural vegetation along with rolling surfaces provides suitable grounds for evolving of flora and fauna. The permanent Dayyam Vagu River flowing through the sanctuary is its main lifeline supplying water to the dense vegetation and the wild animals.

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Tiger at the Sanctuary
The primeval city of Warangal has its own share of ancient temples that dates back to centuries when it was the capital city of the Kakatiya Dynasty. Warangal Temples attract thousands of devotees and tourists towards its archeological, spiritual and historical importance. The city is also famous for its scenic lakes, wildlife sanctuaries and Warangal Fort. Some of the top ancient temples in Warangal include Ramappa Temple, Thousand Pillar Temple and Bhadra Kali Temple.

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Beautiful Temple in Warangal