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Major Pilgrimage Temples in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a major travel and tourism destination in India. The state is renowned for its numerous attractions, one of them being the pilgrimage centers of Andhra Pradesh. There are important shrines and temples of all the major religious faiths of India including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and even Jainism. These pilgrimage centers attract millions of devotees and tourists from all parts of the country and abroad. Important pilgrimage places in Andhra Pradesh includes Sri Venkateswara Temple at Tirupati, Ahobilam, the pilgrimage centre for Vaishnava Hindus, Amaravati with Lord Amareswara Temple, Lord Surya Temple at Arasavalli and Bhadrachalam said to be the abode of Lord Rama, Lord Narasimha Temple at Simhachalam, Srisailam and Puttaparthi the world-famous abode of Sri Satya Sai Baba.
The sacred Bhadrachalam Temple is a famous Hindu Temple located in Andhra Pradesh and dedicated to Lord Rama. It is an important pilgrimage center in Andhra Pradesh and the venue of grand celebrations on Rama Navami day, which marks as the occasion of wedding anniversary of Lord Rama and Sita. The temple stands tall gracefully along the banks of Godavari River. The most important feature about the temple is the idol of Lord Rama having a bow in one hand along with Shanku and Chakra, amalgamation of two avatars - Vishnu and Rama.

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Bhadrachalam Temple Andhra Pradesh
The ancient Mahanandi Temple is located in Nandyal of Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the most sacred temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is renowned for its exotic architecture and the day long celebrations that are held during Maha-Shivaratri. The annual festival held during the months of February and March attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and tourists from around the globe. The temple is believed to have been built some 1,500 years ago. The inscriptions of 10th century tablets state that this temple has gone through repairs on numerous occasions and has even been rebuilt several times.

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Mahanandi Temple in Andhra Pradesh