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Popular Nightclubs in Hyderabad, AP

Nightlife in the cities of Andhra Pradesh in spite of the globalization and growth in industries and professionals is not like Mumbai or Bangalore. However, Hyderabad has an all-together different approach when it comes to the culture of young people and their nightlife. Hyderabad has emerged globally as one of the leading IT centers in India and top IT companies from around the world have established their offices in the city. This has resulted in the migration of thousands of young professionals from India and abroad towards the city. This has resulted in the opening of numerous pubs and bars in Hyderabad that attracts young night revelers towards excellent music and standard crowd. Also, the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Hyderabad offers great nightlife.
The energetic and cosmopolitan nightlife of Hyderabad has resulted in the opening of numerous pubs and bars. The nightlife attracts young adults towards various sources of entertainment be it nightclubs, theatres or live music. Ahala-The Drama Lounge is one of the favorite spots for young adults who'd like to spend some leisure time in the company of their near and dear ones in the nightclubs of Hyderabad. You will definitely love the overall atmosphere and crowds that comes to this place.

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Ahala - Taj Krishna Hyderabad
10 Downing Street is one of the most hip and happening places in Hyderabad and a famous hang-out for young adults. Popular in its own rights, the futuristic décor of 10 Downing Street and the touch of colonial ambience attract large crowds throughout the week. Once you enter the nightclub, you'll find a mix-bag of people from those who've come here for partying because this place isn't that expensive as compared to other clubs to socialites who've made this place a meeting point to music lovers who love to hear the numbers played by the DJ's.

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10 Downing Street Hyderabad