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Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary - Bird Watchers Paradise

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary
Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary (Credit.3121303667)
Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is a popular outdoor recreational destination in Andhra Pradesh. Located about 50 km from Chennai, at Nelapattu village on the eastern coast of Andhra Pradesh about 20 km north of Pulicat in the Nellore district, the bird sanctuary has got the distinction of being one of the largest pelican habitats in Southeast Asia. The area of the sanctuary spans around 400 km and is named after the village Nelapattu. More than 160 species of birds visit the sanctuary every year with majority of then being pelicans.

The sanctuary attracts large number of migratory birds towards its large fresh water tank featuring numerous trees that act as a natural habitat for these birds and provides favorable conditions for their breeding and roosting. Avis bird watchers are in for a treat at they have good chance of watching rare and endangered bird species such as Grey Pelicans, Open-billed Storks, Little Cormorants, Spoonbills, White Ibis, Night Herons, etc. Apart from the above birds, other important bird species found at the sanctuary include Egrets, Tern, Ducks and Waders.

For providing better bird watching opportunities, watch towers are also erected at various points for getting better views from close quarters. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh also houses an Environmental Education Centre, Museum, Library and an Auditorium with Audio Visual Equipment for screening of slides, films on birds and wildlife.