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Top Archeological and Science Museums in Andhra Pradesh

The museums of Andhra Pradesh bare testimony of the glorious past and archeological wonders of the state. The ancient state of south India had been ruled by several dynasties and each one of them had their own distinct cultures, history, craft and art. A visit to the Andhra Pradesh museum will help you understand in detail the different tints of cultural aspects and the artistic craftsmanship that was prevalent in the bygone era. The Archeological Museums in Andhra Pradesh houses a fine collection of sculpture, paintings, handicrafts, palm leaf manuscripts, anatomy, and a variety of rare antique pieces that are of great historical and cultural value. Moreover, these museums also showcase excavated objects like coins, pottery, metal statuettes and beads belonging to Buddhist era as well as prehistoric times. A fine collection of weapons, arms, epigraph dating back to several centuries is also on display at certain museums.
Nagarjunakonda Museum located in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh is about 156 km from Hyderabad. The ancient site of Nagarjunakonda is a major pilgrimage center for Buddhist and is named after a famous Buddhist monk, Nagarjuna, who imparted his preaching here in the 2nd century AD. The museum showcases a fine collection of Stone Age tools, Buddha statues and carved stone slabs that were once part of the stupas.

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Nagarjunakonda Museum Andhra Pradesh
B.M. Birla Science Center and Technological Museum is one of the top tourist attractions in Hyderabad. Located in the heart of the city on the panoramic hillock of Naubat Pahad, the science center is divided into various sections such as Planetarium, Science Museum and the Center for Applicable Mathematics and Computer Sciences. It is one of the few museums in India that has been developed for the purpose of providing people with basic knowledge of science and at the same time spread awareness amongst the masses.

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Birla Science Museum Hyderabad