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Kolanpuka Jain Temple - Popular Pilgrimage Destination

Kolanpuka Jain Temple
Kolanpuka Jain Temple (Credit.4078)
Kolanpuka is a famous Jain Temple dedicated to Lord Mahavira. The 2000 years old temple features a 1.5 meter high live-size image of Mahavira which is in it one of the major tourist attraction at the temple. The temple is a live example of exquisite architecture and its walls are engraved with enchanting carvings. Kolanupuka is an ancient place that became the second capital of Kalyani Chalukyas in the 11th century. Besides the famous Jain Temple of Mahavira, there are other popular religious temples such as the Shri Veeranarayana temple and Shri Someshwara temple.

The entire area surrounding the temple is dotted with numerous large and small temples and religious sites. Some of the famous temples in Kolanupuka include Veera Narayana Temple, Sai Temple, Goddes Renuka Temple and small Anjaneya Temples. These religious suites attract thousands of devotees who come here for darshan and gaining salvation. The Kolanupaka site museum is another tourist attraction featuring large collection of ancient Hindu scriptures, idols and sculptors. Kolanpuka is located about 75 km from Hyderabad which is connected via an excellent network of Air, Rail and Road with the rest of India and within the state.